Pidgin 2.14.7 has been released!

Gary Kramlich grim at
Thu Sep 16 23:49:12 EDT 2021

Greetings Programs!

We just released a bug fix release of Pidgin. The ChangeLog is below and
the downloads are available on sourceforge!

* Fix leak in purple_markup_find_tag on error. (OSS-FUZZ 35816) (RR 924)
  (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
* Fix an issue where the XMPP utility tests would fail if libidn was
  disabled. (RR 922) (Gary Kramlich)
* Fix an assert in purple_markup_html_to_xhtml (OSS-FUZZ 35029) (RR 921)
  (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
* Fix building on Haiku (RR 916) (Haiku Ports Team)
* Correctly free parse tags at end of purple_html_to_xhtml (OSS-FUZZ
  (RR 913) (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
* Fix leak that may occur when xmlnode_from_str fails (OSS-FUZZ 34988)
  (RR 911) (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
* Cleanup, standardize and create starting corpora for all of the
  fuzzers. (RR 920) (Gary Kramlich)
* Port purple_str_to_time to use a regular expression and add additional
  unit tests for it. (RR 923) (Gary Kramlich)


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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