Pidgin 2.14.9 has been released!

Gary Kramlich grim at
Thu Apr 28 20:02:44 EDT 2022

Greetings Programs!

We just released a bug fix release of Pidgin. The ChangeLog is below and
the downloads are available on sourceforge!

* Remove _xmppconnect support. (RR 1357) (CVE-2022-26491) (Gary

* Fix a GLib CRITICAL message with typing time outs. (RR 1123) (Mohammed
* Fix an issue where the unit tests for purple_str_to_time would fail.
   (GENTOO-819774) (RR 1238) (Gary Kramlich)

* Fix a memory leak in pidgin_conversations_set_tab_colors. (RR 1244)
* Fixed the majority of the infinite resizing issues in the input box.
   (PIDGIN-16753, PIDGIN-16999, PIDGIN-17287, PIDGIN-17413, PIDGIN-17430,
   PIDGIN-17568, PIDGIN-17602) (RR 1342) (Belgin Știrbu)
* Add transient-buddy back which is used to show some context menus and
   other things. (PIDGIN-17523) (RR 1381) (Belgin Știrbu)

* Fix the download of dictionaries in the Windows installer. (PIDGIN-14618,
   PIDGIN-15648, PIDGIN-15540, PIDGIN-14612, PIDGIN-14893) (RR 1303)
   (Gary Kramlich)

* Fix a typo in the German translations. (PIDGIN-17575) (RR 1242)
* Synced all of the translations with Transifex.

* Fix IRC file transfers on Windows. (PIDGIN-17175) (RR 1382) (Belgin
* Fix file transfers failing at 99% on IRC. (PIDGIN-15893) (RR 1385)
   (Belgin Știrbu)
* Default realname and ident name in IRC to the username (nickname) of
   the account. (PIDGIN-17610) (RR 1386) (Belgin Știrbu)
* Add an advanced account option to IRC accounts for explicitly setting
   the SASL login name. (PIDGIN-15451) (RR 1388) (Belgin Știrbu)
* Added a rate limiter that should make it impossible to excess flood.
   (RR 1391) (Gary Kramlich)

* Fix an issue with the CSeq numbers in SIMPLE. (PIDGIN-9675) (RR 1379)

* Fix XMPP attention messages being sent to incorrect JIDs.
   (PIDGIN-14714) (RR 1387) (itsnotabigtruck, Belgin Știrbu)


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