[Cabal] logo?

Megan Schneider caelum at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 01:29:08 EST 2006

On 12/19/06, rflynn at softprotech.com <rflynn at softprotech.com> wrote:
> I don't have much to say that Sean didn't say, other than a lot of the
> pigeons look like turkeys. I got the same opinion from two co-workers, as
> well.  Pigeons usually have fatter/shorter necks, no?
> I do dig the concept, though, and the lettering that you mentioned in #2.
> > On 12/19/06, Steven Garrity <stevelist at silverorange.com> wrote:
> >> My feedback on the first round of logo designs:
> >
> > I never chimed in with my opinions:
> >
> > #1 - He tried too hard to make the bird's wing look like a speech
> > bubble that it no longer looks like either a speech bubble or a
> > pigeon's wing. The lettering is fun. The quote feet is a nice, real
> > subtle touch. My girlfriend says it looks very "Hello Kitty."
> >
> > #2 - I HATE the actual proposal. I was not able to recognize what it
> > was supposed to be for a while, even after reading the description. I
> > LOVE the lettering before he decided to spread them all apart and turn
> > the g into half a semi-colon. Turning the d, g, and p into quotes is
> > brilliant. I wonder if it might be better with a normal 'd," a single
> > pair of quotes, instead of quotes in all sorts of crazy different
> > directions. I think we should try to incorporate a variant of this
> > lettering in the logo.
> >
> > #3 - Seriously, has this guy ever *seen* a pigeon? Again, he tried too
> > hard to make the pigeon look like something else that it no longer
> > looks like a pigeon. This one is certainly the most elegant.
> >
> > I noticed that all of his pigeons, even in the drafts, have their
> > wings spread. I think a standing pigeon has a most more recognizable
> > silhouette, and I'd like to see some variations with that.
> >
> > -s.

#2 or #3; I hate the ...bigness, fluffiness, whatever of #1 - it looks
bloated. And not very pigeon-like. I prefer some of the draft stuff he
did to get to proposal 3, rather than proposal 3 itself..some of the
ones with two wings (see the purple one in the row below the text "I
wanted to place the logo mark into a circle for purposes of the
application icon so I rounded the wing."). I like the idea of #2 but
as a couple people said above, it's difficult to tell it's "pidgin" if
you don't know it's pidgin, and it works better with the head separate
from the text. Fonts...eh.

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