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Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Mon Nov 6 06:31:29 EST 2006

On Nov 5, 2006, at 8:34 PM, Richard Laager wrote:

> a) Users should not be able to modify bug attributes. They exist  
> not for
> the user anyway, but for us. Having them editable by the user makes  
> them
> think it's something they *should* edit. This is worth considering  
> when
> we switch to a new bug tracking system. I think we can make these
> statuses more useful to the user; see my suggestions below as (c) and
> (d).
Trac permissions allow specifying whether users can *modify*  
attributes.  A plugin, SimpleTicket [1], is needed to keep them from  
setting them when submitting.

I really like the rest of your ideas regarding bug submission... I'm  
not aware of a way in Trac to  display a message after submitting a  
bug or to automatically insert text when a ticket resolution is  
selected, but perhaps the Trac folk would be willing to work with us  
to make that happen in Trac itself (rather than maintaining changes  
for a single Trac installation).


[1] http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/SimpleTicketPlugin

> b) The SF bug submission process is horrible. We only have the ability
> to put a small note for users to search existing bug reports. I  
> think we
> should look more towards one like that of GNOME. They have a really  
> nice
> multi-step wizard. It's great for newbies, and as an experienced bug
> submitter, I'm okay with it. My only beef with it is that there's  
> no way
> to get a full list of components; you have to know the category first,
> which isn't always intuitive. This wouldn't matter for Gaim, since we
> don't have that many components and the users needn't deal with that
> anyway. Again, something to keep in mind for a new system.
> c) It might be helpful to have some sort of note show up automatically
> when something is marked a duplicate. This would say something like,
> "This bug is a duplicate of [link to other bug number]. All further
> comments should occur there." Then, nobody should be able to  
> comment on
> the bug again until it's either re-opened, or the resolution is  
> changed.
> I don't think there's a systemic problem with people "not getting it"
> that you should take your comments to the other bug, but this would be
> helpful in a few cases, such as this one.
> d) We could do similar things as listed in (c) for other cases: Out of
> Date ("Please try your bug with the latest version of Gaim and comment
> here if it's still not fixed."), Fixed ("This bug has been marked  
> fixed.
> The fix will appear in the next release. If the bug is not fixed  
> for you
> in the next release, please comment here."), and possibly others.
> e) The bug reporting wizard needs to start and end with some notice to
> the effect of: "The Gaim project appreciates your bug report. It  
> will be
> triaged and evaluated by developers as their time allows. If they have
> further questions, they will be posted to the bug report for you to  
> see.
> You will get an e-mail for changes to the bug report."
> I have no idea how much of this Trac already does. I haven't had  
> time to
> play with it much yet. I just signed up for it. BTW, do I need to do
> anything to get magical powers? I'm "rlaager".
> Speaking of which, I really like the notes in bug comments on GNOME
> Bugzilla. Effectively, they mark "(developer)" and "(submitter)". I  
> know
> there are times when I've gotten confused by someone other than the
> submitter talking about something. I don't know if we want to mention
> "(developer)" or not. It's a useful thing, but it does promote classes
> of users. Anyway, not sure if Trac does this, but it's a thought.
> Richard
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