[Cabal] Contract change

Luke Schierer lschiere at users.sf.net
Wed Nov 8 23:56:30 EST 2006

On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 09:08:18PM -0500, Stu Tomlinson wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-11-08 at 00:31 -0500, Nathan Walp wrote:
> > Sean, you made mention of a proposed change to the contract in the 
> > wiki.  What was the change?  With this proposed change, do we have some 
> > kind of estimated timeline for getting this all taken care of?  
> > Honestly, I'd like this list to go away, secrecy sucks in an open-source 
> > project.
> I hate the secrecy too (much like our privacy API), but given the
> "sensitivity" of these issues is it wise to have them on a wiki that
> will ultimately be much more public ?
> Regards,
> Stu.

I assumed that the purpose of the secrecy was to
1)preserve our own sanity, since our user base would blow this out of
proportion, take things into their own hands, flame AOL, and generally
make it harder to get anything constructive too happen.

2)preserve our options, because of the type of things our user base
would do, along the lines of #1 above.

3)avoid the massive feedback low content discussions that happened and
continue to happen about every aspect of the betas, on issues that need
timely and coherent responce.

Naturally, when this goes public, it will be beneficial for users to see
that this was a considered and reasoned change.  We probly do not want
to make this list and its archives public, but we also have no need or
reason to hide everything about our plans for making this public

Equally naturally there will be those who will be vocally upset that we
did not involve the larger community at every step of the process.
Hiding more though will not prevent this, as it will be obvious that at
least some planning when into this when we show up with a new webpage, a
new name, so on and so forth.

What, specifically, do you think should not be in trac (either wiki or


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