[Cabal] themes and plugins

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Wed Oct 25 17:05:20 EDT 2006

On Oct 25, 2006, at 4:56 PM, Sean Egan wrote:

> On 10/25/06, Luke Schierer <lschiere at users.sf.net> wrote:
>> In one version of the webpage, we had a custom database set up by
>> chipx86 for handling themes.  That broke, so we replaced it with a
>> tracker in the SF project page to mirror the long-existing one for
>> plugins.
> Evan, what does adiumxtras.com use? Something custom, or something we
> could consider too?

It's custom, built to be adiumxtras.com from the ground up, but if  
something similar would be of general interest I'd be happy to ping  
my web dude, Zac West, and see how portable he thinks it could be -  
just let me know.  I honestly have no idea, as the best thing I do  
with web sites is keep away from messing them up; it's a big ol' set  
of php, cgi, js, and tpl files to me.

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