[Cabal] Some monotone information

Ethan Blanton elb at psg.com
Thu Oct 26 22:34:55 EDT 2006

For those who are playing along at home...

An initial pull of the monotone branch containing revisions 16024
through 17587 transfers 16.4MB of data and took just a bit over 10
minutes on my home ADSL connection.  The on-disk database for this is
21MB.  Note that once this pull is done, all logs, diffs, and complete
revisions are available for local checkout without contacting the
server.  A complete checkout of head takes 25 seconds and is 39MB
(monotone has virtually zero overhead for each checked-out copy,
using the database for "pristine" copy rather than in-workspace data
like svn).

As a couple of people have asked how to successfully check out from
the server, here are quick and dirty instructions:

mtn -d $DATABASE pull pidgin.im im.pidgin.gaim
mtn -d $DATABASE co -b im.pidgin.gaim gaim-mtn

Future database pulls can be done with either the above pull command,
or simply 'mtn pull' from the checked-out workspace.  Note that a
database pull does *not* update the workspace, you will also have to
run 'mtn up' from the workspace to apply the changes.  (This makes
sense when you consider that you could have n workspaces checked out
from one database.)

I'll put some better documentation up at some point, but this should
help people get playing.

Let me also put on the record that, while I am personally in favor of
monotone, I am open to other suggestions as well.


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