Fwd: [ alexandria-Support Requests-1693049 ] "private" bit on mailing list not being honored

Luke Schierer lschiere at users.sf.net
Tue Apr 3 14:18:03 EDT 2007

Our secrecy held up very well until now.  But it is increasingly obvious
in #gaim that it is blown.  Today we have a "fadde" in #pidgin, a nick I
do not know.  Based on the fact that Err tells me he was announcing
gaim's name change at 0930 in #gaim, I sincerely doubt he's anyone we
intended to know yet. 

We need to be prepared for an announcement ASAP.  I highly suggest a
release follow in very short order.

Personally I advocate just going straight for 2.0.0 final.  We've had
buggy releases before, and have handled it.  So we might have to release
a 2.0.1 very shortly after.  Who cares?

We need to let the translators & packagers know very soon now.  I saw
part of a discussion between Ethan and Daniel in #pidgin a few days ago
that indicates that the renaming will not be correctly accomplished by a
regex substition for some languages.  This makes letting the translators
know an even bigger priorty, though I do not know how well they will be
able to maintain information control.


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