Releasing Pidgin

Mark Doliner mark at
Sat Apr 7 02:02:34 EDT 2007

How's this for a plan?  We announce to translators and packagers as soon as we
can.  We get the web page smoothed out, document all the crazy new
changes either on a new page somewhere or on the wiki, then announce on Sunday
night once we're ready.

I don't think we should release another beta.  I think we should just get this
puppy out the door as-is and see what happens.  But I DO think we should wait
a week before actually releasing.  That should let the more hard-core people
play around with what's in our Monotone repository.

Where to host downloads?  We can't serve files from  SourceForge
may not like us using them only for file downloads (I really don't know), but
I think that is our best option for now.  We should create a pidgin project on
SourceForge (or maybe try to rename the existing Gaim project?) and host our
downloads there.  In the future we can look into other options (I'm definitely
in favor of moving away from SourceForge entirely, if it's feasible.)

I nominate Luke for emailing the translators and packagers (either by bugging
Sean to do it or just sending an email out yourself).

And it's Easter weekend, so if you guys are really busy I don't see any
problem with pushing this back a few days--nobody really took notice of the
Digg post or gaim-cabal hubbub.


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