Let's answer the branding question on Win32

Hylke Bons h.bons at student.rug.nl
Sun Apr 8 04:58:14 EDT 2007

I agree, just Pidgin.


Kevin M Stange wrote:
> (Should I be emailing this to gaim-devel at lists.sf.net now?  Should we
> establish devel at pidgin.im and start using it?)
> I haven't been able to figure out if there's been consensus here, so
> it's time to decide once and for all about Win32:
> 1) I don't like WinPidgin.  It looks weird and sounds stupid to me.
> 2) I like Pidgwin, but I think it's a bad idea.
> 3) We should call it Pidgin.
> WinPidgin does not flow like WinGaim.  Pidgin on Windows is the same
> product as Pidgin on Linux.  The additional code in MTN to make Win32
> builds work is for the purpose of building a working binary on Windows
> and hooking it into the Windows "DE" (as our GNOME code hooks into that
> DE).  It still offers the same UI, the same functionality, the same
> features, etc.  Pidgwin is cute, but the differentiation is artificial,
> and it means we have to add additional strings to the source which are
> tagged with #ifdef _WIN32 and adjust all translation accordingly.
> If we didn't brand consistently within the client and referred to it
> externally that way, it would just be confusing to users.  We can still
> #ifdef the IRC channel in the about box like we do now, and bounce users
> to it on demand.
> Another point to make is that the Win32 builds are ours.  We make and
> support them.  Alternate branding of the same product, such as in the
> case of Firefox/"Bon Echo" is used to put third party builds out of the
> realm of trademark infringement, and does not apply here.
> So what I propose is:
> 1) Call it Pidgin.  If we need to distiguish it, refer to it as "Pidgin
> for Windows" or "Windows Pidgin"
> 2) I've already registered #pidgin-win32.  With the blessing of cabal, I
> will "activate" this channel and get #wingaim routed there.
> Finally, I want to solicit some suggestions for the Win32 build
> environment.  Originally, before the Core/UI split, everything was
> organized around GAIM_TOP, and src/.  Then we introduced GAIM_LIB_* and
> GAIM_GTK_* into the makefiles.  Right now, we can use PIDGIN_* and
> PURPLE_*, but there's still an issue with anything outside either scope.
> The top of the source is still GAIM_TOP.  The makefiles refer to things
> in the GAIM_* namespace, like GAIM_INSTALL_DIR, GAIM_VERSION,
> GAIM_WIN32_MAKEFILE, GAIM_PO_TOP.  What should I be replacing GAIM with?
> Obviously GAIM_TOP can't be renamed to PIDGIN_TOP because it will
> conflict with PIDGIN_TOP pointing to /pidgin.
> Once I figure that out, I'll run through the Makefiles and eliminate the
> GAIM references.
> Kevin
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