[Cabal] gaim_gtk to pidgin

Sean Egan seanegan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 03:06:33 EST 2007

You may have notice I've started converting functions in pidgin/ to
the new "pidgin" namespace. I started off with a sed script that
changes "gaim_gtk," "GAIM_GTK," and "GaimGtk" to "pidgin," "PIDGIN"
and "Pidgin," respectively, and now I'm going through and trying to
catch oddities (gaim_gtkconv_ to pidgin_conv) and locate places where
"Gaim" is used in a strictly GTK+ UI context.

I'll be working at this all weekend. Once that's all squared away, we
should be able to move onto sedding gaim, confident that we're only
hitting libpurple functions.


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