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Luke Schierer wrote:
> We *really* need to release already.  Is there *any* news from the
> lawyers?
> luke

I agree, but we can't just *RELEASE*, there are a few things that need
taking care of before so, otherwise third party plugins and the like
will be screwed (well at least pre-existing stuff).  We need to remove
the old, figureout if we're doing a
and, as well as making sure all of that works.

I've been slowly getting to this, but seeing as not all the developers
of guifications and the plugin pack are on the cabal, I've transitioned
to mtn to create a branch to test these updates against, but haven't had
the time to finish.

So if anyone wants to beat me to this (updating pidgin and libpurple, or
if you want to go as far as guifications and the plugin pack as
well...), feel free :)

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