Is 'purple' secret, too?

Evan Schoenberg evan at
Fri Mar 23 07:15:33 EDT 2007

On Mar 22, 2007, at 3:52 PM, Sean Egan wrote:

> It's upsetting because you're a Gaim developer, and you should know
> that, generally speaking, Gaim prefers the Free software spirit of the
> GPL and generally holds contempt for those willing to bend that spirit
> to further their own agendas.
And I agree with the Free spirit of the GPL.  I honestly didn't see  
what was going on (what I was doing) from the perspective of being  
counter to this until Ethan pointed it out as he did;  I'm very glad  
I emailed and was educated.  I'm correcting it immediately and won't  
make a similar mistake in the future.  While quantity doesn't  
particularly matter, I'm very glad that I asked about this in the  
context of a very limited release beta build rather than after making  
the same mistake with a release.

> they care more about their own projects than Gaim (which is fine  
> and to be expected),
> even to the point that you're willing to violate our intentions (which
> is disappointing).
I'm disappointed with myself at this point.  Looking backward, it's  
perfectly clear to me now that I was, indeed, violating the  
intentions of us (that is, the Gaim/Pidgin development team) and more  
generally not being "straight" in an environment in which basically  
nothing else is more important.

I hope you both (and everyone else whose trust I was inadvertently  
pushing) can forgive me and move forward.

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