Kevin M Stange kevin at simguy.net
Sun Mar 25 00:33:45 EDT 2007

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Stu Tomlinson spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> libpurple, libpurple-devel, pidgin, pidgin-devel, finch, finch-devel,
>> various "optional" plugins as libpurple-<plugin> (eg. libpurple-tcl,
>> libpurple-silc etc.)
>> Is this the way we want to go? It makes more sense to me to do this so
>> people can install just the components they need, and increases the
>> compatibility if we end up with 3rd party clients that don't want to
>> force pidgin on people.
> Provided that this is solved for individual file downloads, I have no
> problem with it.  If it further inflates the number of RPMs in the
> current tracker list, that's bad.  (You have to add up an awful lot of
> the less popular RPMs to arrive at the number of downloads for
> *either* the .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 ... and they're almost impossible to
> spot in the soup of RPMs and .exes.)

If we expand the number of RPMs provided to include libpurple, pidgin,
etc, separately, all users will need to download and install at least
those two for their distribution.  If we present the RPMs on a
prettified download page that makes this clear and also makes the source
RPMs, and Windows builds easy to spot, I would think it'd be fine.

If we continue to present them via the SF files page as they are now,
the soup will be even thicker.

> Perhaps we could put the main RPMs (which have higher download counts
> -- the FC1 RPM (perhaps artificially) has the highest download count
> of any package for beta6) on that page, and stuff the RPMs nobody
> cares about somewhere else, with a link.
> A yum repository would of course be nice, but many people won't
> install a foreign yum repository, but will install individual
> packages.

Are we going to be hosting the downloads at pidgin.im or keeping them on
sourceforge?  If pidgin.im, it's trivial to create yum repositories
using the createrepo tool, so there's no real reason not to.


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