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Sun Apr 15 22:20:01 EDT 2007

Revision: 305cade6969c85022fcc55bb650f2da49e8d1d29
Ancestor: 9095640e07f7f5b656976674611897640578ad34
Author: rlaager at
Date: 2007-04-16T02:19:58
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:
        doc/gtkrc-2.0 pidgin/gtkblist.c pidgin/gtklog.c
        pidgin/gtknotify.c pidgin/gtkprefs.c pidgin/gtkrequest.c


I don't like the pidginfoo_bar widget names that resulted from the sed.
This changes them to pidgin_foo_bar, which is nicer and more consistent with
some that survived the sed with an _ intact.

I've also updated our gtkrc-2.0 to match these changes and be Gaim free.

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