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Revision: 5ee6fd5ddac3a8e8920941dee8be3ae5a615c105
Ancestor: 8f3e35112c8bb80bc8ec05320883181c26ae3435
Author: markdoliner at
Date: 2007-04-23T01:05:27
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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If anyone sees the "Unable to add buddy 1" message after
this commit, please let me know.

More changes in an effort to get rid of the "Unable to Add,
Could not add the buddy 1 for an unknown reason. The
most common reason for this is that you have the
maximum number of allowed buddies in your buddy list" message.

My previous checkin fixed a problem that resulted in the same
error, but the cause was completely different.  The important
change in this commit is the one in aim_ssi_itemlist_add().

Apparently there's this funky thing where items in the master
group can't have a buddy ID equal to any group ID.  Who knew?

There are a few other minor changes in this commit.  I added
a "break" when looping through the items making sure we don't
pick a buddy ID that's already in use.  And added some checks
to make sure we never try to update our data if we haven't
received the list from the server yet.  Oh, and the 2 bytes
that specify the length of the checksum for the icon are
two separate values.  The first byte is either a 0 or a 1 and
I don't know what it means.  The second byte is the length of
the checksum.

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