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Tue Apr 24 00:42:13 EDT 2007

Revision: 8e12d08fc6cab69616f4792a0c2112ebd426b456
Ancestor: 55f22d2ce30ce89352ce4b9c71f8f02875603aa2
Author: rlaager at
Date: 2007-04-23T16:57:12
Branch: im.pidgin.rlaager.gaim_migration

Modified files:
        libpurple/core.c libpurple/core.h


The core portion of the migration code.  This is implemented as I described
in my e-mail a while back.  If we have ~/.gaim and not ~/.purple (or we
have ~/.purple, but the "migrating" file exists, indicating an incomplete
previous migration), we copy all the files from ~/.gaim to ~/.purple and
move and symlink directories, except for plugins and icons.  For icons,
we move and symlink any subdirectories, as a special case for the Album
plugin (written by me).

For this to work, it needs to be called by the UIs.  Also, the icon
migration code is not included in this commit, so I highly recommend you
not test this on your main .gaim directory if you want a clean migration.

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