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16:20:18 elb: you put that shitty patch in Gaim?
16:20:22 elb: why?
16:20:32 LSchiere2: because who else but RH is going to use that branch?
16:20:35 elb: just because red hat doesn't know from good, doesn't mean we don't understand a bad idea when we see it
16:20:46 elb: that's fine, let them adulterate our code themselves
16:21:10 elb: we have standards
16:21:15 warren: weren't you planning on writing a real solution for gaim ever since the 0.76 patch was proposed?
16:21:25 elb: 2.0 has a real solution
16:21:29 warren: meanwhile, IM remained broken for all other builds without that patch
16:21:35 elb: no, it didn't remain broken
16:21:37 warren: hm
16:21:50 LSchiere2: elb: do you know the solution to backport it?
16:21:51 warren: would it be easy to backport the 2.0.0 solution?
16:21:59 elb: keep in mind that *I use* Japanese input with Gaim
16:22:06 elb: no, it is not reasonable to backport
16:22:28 warren: elb, what exactly is wrong with the patch that we had been using forever prior to 2.0.0? I haven't seen any bad behavior.
16:22:44 elb: it mucks with internal, non-public Gtk+ data structures
16:22:52 elb: "I haven't seen any bad behavior" is beside the point
16:23:08 elb: the Gtk+ people, at one point, said "Don't do that"
16:23:22 warren: LSchiere2, it might be reasonable to remove it and let us patch it in our package.  Since we target only RHEL3 and RHEL4 where gtk+ isn't changing, we should be OK.
16:23:25 elb: admittedly, the bug *is in* Gtk+, but that doesn't mean we should muck with their closed information

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