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Mon Apr 30 08:03:40 EDT 2007

Revision: c2b0e8d280a1803b8344154667645fadb3a080db
Ancestor: 110f21f243fe081d619f3d85b78f04b6651566cc
Author: wabz at
Date: 2007-04-29T00:37:28
Branch: im.pidgin.finch.workspaces

Modified files:
        finch/libgnt/gntstyle.c finch/libgnt/gntwm.c


New windows can be placed on specific workspaces. They can be specified by the window name (e.g. conversation-window), or a substring in the window title. Title takes precedence.
This changes the ~/.gntrc config for workspaces to the following format:

name = blist
window-names = buddylist;debug-window

name = im
window-names = conversation-window
window-titles = Preferences

name = chats
window-titles = IRC;conference

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