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Revision: 5299b4fe24c4ebc6dbf2c0185f8a8f108d922eba
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Author: jeff2 at
Date: 2007-08-07T02:50:34
Branch: im.pidgin.soc.2007.msimprpl

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Add a new public function msim_msg_free_element_data(), that frees element data (but the MsimMessageElement * still must be g_free()'d). Internally, msim_msg_free_element() is still used, as a callback to g_list_foreach() to free every element in an MsimMessage.

Expose msim_msg_pack_element_data(), which returns the wire protocol representation of the given element. Similar to msim_msg_get_string(), except that msim_msg_pack_element_data() will be escaped, ready to be sent over the wire. msim_msg_get_string() will probably be used in most places instead, as it returns the string suitable for usage elsewhere.

Both these functions will be used by an upcoming change in msim_postprocess_outgoing() in myspace.c.

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