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Mon Aug 20 14:05:41 EDT 2007

Revision: 0c4b4f79b15ed830ee42a66dcd337299cb2f54fa
Ancestor: 7b34fb1b3301294729f293bc80ead97106a312f4
Author: aluink at
Date: 2007-08-20T18:04:19
Branch: im.pidgin.soc.2007.finchfeat.logging

Modified files:
        finch/gntlog.c libpurple/log.c libpurple/log.h


PurpleLogs now reflect what type of log they are in the Flags they return from read.
This is only in _read_nonblocking for now.  It's trivial to put it in _read

The log viewer now shows HTML/TEXT logs transparently.

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