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Wed Aug 22 23:08:42 EDT 2007

Revision: 4c354d429c109e674f26aa91e2143fa916ad6b5c
Ancestor: 075abf71d809aef440042f45fd4d8f9b04c8bfe6
Author: charkins at
Date: 2007-08-23T03:06:52
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:
        pidgin/gtkprefs.c pidgin/gtkutils.c pidgin/gtkutils.h


Separate out setting up the labelled-by and label-for ATK relationships
from pidgin_set_accessible_label(). This allows us to set up the label
relationships for combo boxes in gtkprefs without setting an ATK
name on the combo box (which breaks screen reading of the combo box).

Fixes ticket #2687 (Gnome bug #468762).

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