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Revision: 163e3047cb3652488112818a8efbf7f139b2ea36
Ancestor: 3d9a58a10a5b26aa38f71b1cb4834b94fefeb59e
Author: jeff2 at
Date: 2007-08-26T02:50:38
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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Now that MsimMessageElement's are more accessible outside message.c, 
change msim_msg_get_list() to return a GList of MsimMessageElements instead of
strings. This just makes sense, because it gives myspace.c full access to the
msim_msg_get_*_from_element() data conversion routines that give you an integer,
unescaped string, etc.

This fixes half of #2637, in that status messages now are unescaped
( used to show up as http://1/, but no more.)

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