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Mon Dec 3 00:40:37 EST 2007

Revision: a4457df21cf62912790af83e75ca4dbcac49c959
Ancestor: c8311f90dd1011e5d2d3ab22927f6db16ce52880
Author: markdoliner at
Date: 2007-12-03T05:31:36
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Somehow this message got changed to only say ICQ instead of AIM/ICQ in
revision 99cf698cfc5a930dda2b67b063730d528d92e976, when this bit of
code was moved from libaim.c and libicq.c back into oscar.c.

I also changed it to mention direct IM, as well, and the text now spans
three lines instead of just two, since there is plenty of room on the
advanced tab for oscar accounts, and I thought using three lines might
make it easier for translators

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--- libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c	bc1895f04094d44470c55ecb6ccc1fd9e102f026
+++ libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c	bdc61e58246f8b0ff9f6b52feb32670cd4c07efa
@@ -6699,7 +6699,7 @@ void oscar_init(PurplePluginProtocolInfo
 	prpl_info->protocol_options = g_list_append(prpl_info->protocol_options, option);
 	option = purple_account_option_bool_new(
-		_("Always use ICQ proxy server for file transfers\n(slower, but does not reveal your IP address)"), "always_use_rv_proxy",
+		_("Always use AIM/ICQ proxy server for\nfile transfers and direct IM (slower,\nbut does not reveal your IP address)"), "always_use_rv_proxy",
 	prpl_info->protocol_options = g_list_append(prpl_info->protocol_options, option);

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