im.pidgin.pidgin.2.3.1: 3a978e43e8a109ad1b9c1dd2017a7c960ddf221f

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Thu Dec 6 21:01:09 EST 2007

Revision: 3a978e43e8a109ad1b9c1dd2017a7c960ddf221f
Ancestor: e4c2d5a0edeaa5f4b18c19deac4c53373493893b
Author: lschiere at
Date: 2007-12-07T01:55:40
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin.2.3.1

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--- NEWS	6c7c43b3151eae9780b69a9f2b08775a1c8e4ceb
+++ NEWS	437bc0d18ed0b955bd4b6ee1a4ab61421df92a5a
@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@ 2.3.1 (12/7/2007):
 	Hopefully this will redeem us. This fixes a number of bugs. I'm a
 	bit late but I'd like to welcome John to the team. Enjoy!
+	Luke: I've done absolutely nothing in the last 2 weeks, except watch
+	others commit bug and, more, leak fixes.  People should be noticing
+	remarkably fewer memory leaks now than 2 or more releases ago.
 2.3.0 (11/20/2007):
 	Luke: While this does not have the new MSN code, rest assured that
 	we are working on it and that it is nearing release.  This contains

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