im.pidgin.pidgin: 7e8103bd3c5298a43a4e18bb59037980f5c213c9

rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo at
Sun Dec 30 22:10:37 EST 2007

Revision: 7e8103bd3c5298a43a4e18bb59037980f5c213c9
Ancestor: 5cfa5ce97bcd89665418099f98e9ad744a11f1d1
Author: rekkanoryo at
Date: 2007-12-31T03:06:42
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Felipe Contreras, one of our older Crazy Pacth Writers, noticed that these
prototypes were incorrect when he compiled with -Wstrict-prototypes.

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--- libpurple/connection.h	d72e0c535b7695a37ed31c103f27b1d8a38078cf
+++ libpurple/connection.h	db7e189d3c532eb1301fa44752bdf6af5dae6ea1
@@ -196,11 +196,11 @@ typedef struct
 	 *  available; on Windows, it uses Win32's network change notification
 	 *  infrastructure.
-	void (*network_connected)();
+	void (*network_connected)(void);
 	/** Called when libpurple discovers that the computer's network
 	 *  connection has gone away.
-	void (*network_disconnected)();
+	void (*network_disconnected)(void);
 	/** Called when an error causes a connection to be disconnected.
 	 *  Called before #disconnected.  This op is intended to replace

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