[Commits] Revision dfa0fca237f190892cbff0e02376a191ab273069

monotone server user monotone at pidgin.im
Sat Feb 3 21:55:53 EST 2007

Revision: dfa0fca237f190892cbff0e02376a191ab273069
Ancestor: 1340be1e3a80ff1c13cf78c3d52e27aa30421d9d
Author: seanegan at pidgin.im
Date: 2007-02-04T02:31:04
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:
        libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c libpurple/prpl.c
        libpurple/prpl.h libpurple/status.c pidgin/gtkblist.c


Use the status API to handle mobileness, and convert AIM to use it. This makes mobile buddies prioritze lower in Perons, and ensures the UI is notified of changes in mobileness. Other protocols to follow.

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