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Fri Jun 1 02:21:41 EDT 2007

Revision: b8c95dd060b1bbf5d5065b1b0281d3837f5d3ea3
Ancestor: ccf265927965933a71866692696a4e543d90a324
Author: jeff2 at
Date: 2007-06-01T05:07:25
Branch: im.pidgin.soc.2007.msimprpl

Modified files:


Change msim_msg_get_element to msim_msg_get.

Related functions:

all use msim_msg_get(). msim_msg_get_X gets the value as type X, but
msim_msg_get_element() didn't get the value as an element (instead, it got
the whole element). So now the name is more accurate.

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