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Fri Jun 8 00:17:00 EDT 2007

Revision: 71ed07094d7f589e45018f8ceb3b32eed668848d
Ancestor: 17bdeeeb416a9b92d811605539f05f8b2dd6213d
Author: aluink at
Date: 2007-06-08T04:14:56
Branch: im.pidgin.soc.2007.finchfeat

Modified files:
        finch/libgnt/gntbindable.c finch/libgnt/gntbindable.h
        finch/libgnt/gntutils.c finch/libgnt/gntutils.h


Moved rebinding functionality into GntBindable.

Added: If a bindinglist already exists, it isn't brought up again.

Deprecated gnt_widget_bindings_view out of gntutils and moved it to gntbindable

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