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Two questions:
1. XMPP <status> messages inside <presence> broadcasts should be
   plaintext and not HTML, right?
2. 'stripped = purple_markup_strip_html(str)' is basically the same as
   'purple_markup_html_to_xhtml(str, NULL, &stripped)', right?

This fixes a bug Emily found where setting an XMPP status message with
an embedded link would drop the link completely.  For example, in
Pidgin you set your away message and insert a link so that the message
body is <a href="">Example</a>.  When we set
this message for an XMPP account it just strips the HTML and sets the
message to "Example".  This change causes the message to be
"Example (".  It's the same thing we do when
displaying links in tooltips in the blist.

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