im.pidgin.cpw.resiak.disconnectreason: fd3990c761b42aa1c32267adb7908e5ce0adf7f0

resiak at resiak at
Sun Nov 4 11:00:45 EST 2007

Revision: fd3990c761b42aa1c32267adb7908e5ce0adf7f0
Ancestor: dfa738c0590b6b35aef24783a6baba85c32d5a9e
Author: resiak at
Date: 2007-11-04T15:57:38
Branch: im.pidgin.cpw.resiak.disconnectreason

Modified files:


Add some padding to PidginMiniDialogClass.  Padding is not needed in
PidginMiniDialog --- fields can be added to the private struct and be accessed
through gobject properties.

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--- pidgin/minidialog.h	d92013b917b591aa122e0f08e2125c1e800c8cfb
+++ pidgin/minidialog.h	6c1ae35fe3f64cf03baebe9172f9099df956bcfa
@@ -89,6 +89,11 @@ typedef struct {
 /** The class of #PidginMiniDialog objects. */
 typedef struct {
 	GtkBoxClass parent_class;
+	void (*_purple_reserved1) (void);
+	void (*_purple_reserved2) (void);
+	void (*_purple_reserved3) (void);
+	void (*_purple_reserved4) (void);
 } PidginMiniDialogClass;
 /** The type of a callback triggered by a button in a mini-dialog being pressed.

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