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Sat Nov 17 15:10:42 EST 2007

Revision: a776d241bfd47adaa15a1ae4cc90d3aa8be2651c
Ancestor: 9862e3117a69bfc830ef91a2257d8194cba7904a
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Date: 2007-11-17T20:09:15
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ChangeLog a couple of items

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--- ChangeLog	01257c267789d4ebe3cc255de8cfab8ef1b47f1e
+++ ChangeLog	8c34f15d4ba05ef21faa0a6769c944203832313d
@@ -26,6 +26,9 @@ version 2.3.0:
 	  list, rather than as buttons in the buddy list and with dialog
 	  boxes.  If several accounts are disabled when you sign on elsewhere,
 	  you can now re-enable them all with a single click.
+	* Added tooltips to the Room List window to show full topics
+	* Added buttons in preferences to access GNOME network and browser
+	  preferences configuration dialogs when running under GNOME
 	* If you alias a buddy to an alias that is already present within
 	  a particular group, we now offer to merge the buddies into the
 	  same contact.

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