im.pidgin.pidgin: b92b68540f3428a0fff1078e95e1f2db46ed8e89

sadrul at sadrul at
Mon Oct 1 23:40:04 EDT 2007

revision:            b92b68540f3428a0fff1078e95e1f2db46ed8e89
date:                2007-10-02T03:17:43
author:              sadrul at
branch:              im.pidgin.pidgin
Add a 'Join Chat...' item in the buddylist menu.
The callback just asks for the name of the chat. So, if joining a chat requires
some more information (eg. password), then the user will still need to add the
chat in the buddylist first, then 'Edit settings' and then join. Hopefully
that's a less frequent scenario.

format_version "1"

new_manifest [15d92bce936fd5d4548c441b49859883d85f1364]

old_revision [318be6f085ab78b9dd20f3b05869cca1fed28686]

patch "finch/gntblist.c"
 from [fcb1d60d55bd0d88e784234a8eec3db528313dc8]
   to [4475368c17fdc276466ee0f0e79b7c085999dd93]

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