im.pidgin.pidgin: e308c24fee1f8c113ed4c181a4968ccb8b49814b

wehlhard at wehlhard at
Tue Oct 2 05:20:07 EDT 2007

revision:            e308c24fee1f8c113ed4c181a4968ccb8b49814b
date:                2007-10-02T08:45:17
author:              wehlhard at
branch:              im.pidgin.pidgin
- Use certificate_pool_retrieve instead of certificate_pool_contains and 
  then retrieve in tls_peers. This makes it something like atomic and 
  eliminates about 10 lines of code in the process

format_version "1"

new_manifest [54bff5956c563af733eef315420e935d3277ac73]

old_revision [4510b172bf7cdfe66d0fc2783b3bd498f80eb03f]

patch "libpurple/certificate.c"
 from [e92bb3478e85c939e696305a5286afb1b4069c19]
   to [e343e67d0caff4ac8a38c9911aaf1825f1cb9d64]

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