im.pidgin.pidgin: cbd891d4cc489df2ea1b945a7310c78445688f40

lschiere at lschiere at
Wed Oct 3 00:06:23 EDT 2007

revision:            cbd891d4cc489df2ea1b945a7310c78445688f40
date:                2007-10-03T04:00:44
author:              lschiere at
branch:              im.pidgin.pidgin
provide a hint about needing write access to 

format_version "1"

new_manifest [081fbfb4f0ba3923ecfc184d184dd0d2005c6432]

old_revision [85bd5fcf01f666b34cf0c82ed05a51f63778e651]

patch "INSTALL"
 from [5b39563912c3e0289a4ea052735e1566b07c513f]
   to [4d53acadb9c90878fb040a49a257a55d13baf6f7]
-------------- next part --------------
# patch "INSTALL"
#  from [5b39563912c3e0289a4ea052735e1566b07c513f]
#    to [4d53acadb9c90878fb040a49a257a55d13baf6f7]
--- INSTALL	5b39563912c3e0289a4ea052735e1566b07c513f
+++ INSTALL	4d53acadb9c90878fb040a49a257a55d13baf6f7
@@ -40,7 +40,8 @@ The simplest way to compile this package
      the package.
   4. Type `make install' to install the programs and any data files and
-     documentation.
+     documentation.  You must have write access to the prefix you are
+	 installing to.  See below for more details on the prefix.
   5. You can remove the program binaries and object files from the
      source code directory by typing `make clean'.  To also remove the

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