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Fri Oct 12 15:40:37 EDT 2007

Revision: 93318cf87bdf841c216b3021f434057da03778f3
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Date: 2007-10-12T19:34:57
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ChangeLog plugin actions in the docklet menu.

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--- ChangeLog	3a01eeb30f724c069eaca223a0451a1bc6dfeb48
+++ ChangeLog	6ff7d94308e267a62e85b201dabf320db782d1c5
@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ version 2.2.2:
 	* Pidgin's display is now saved with the command line for session
 	  restoration.  (David Mohr)
 	* ICQ Birthday notifications are shown as buddy list emblems.
+	* Plugin actions are now available from the docklet context menu
+	  in addition to the Tool menu of the buddy list.
 version 2.2.1 (09/29/2007):

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