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Sun Oct 14 15:56:03 EDT 2007

Revision: 60f954cea7764a431429e911ca295ab93378df3f
Ancestor: 2762c6075c0dc52a96098c5478c5bf68cfd890a3
Author: rlaager at
Date: 2007-10-14T19:51:30
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Add the constreturn macro.  Perhaps I added this to Doxyfile and not way back in the day?

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---	57f73b9e77ae9c81810c55e7f78dc82bc9355a09
+++	30f026824a65b76b6883ad55b0b73a7e985a2856
@@ -169,7 +169,8 @@ ALIASES                = "signal=- @ref"
                          "endsignalproto=@endcode" \
                          "signaldesc=@par Description:" \
                          "signals=@b Signals:" \
-                         "endsignals="
+                         "endsignals=" \
+                         "constreturn=@note The return value of this function must not be modified or freed. @return"
 # Set the OPTIMIZE_OUTPUT_FOR_C tag to YES if your project consists of C sources 
 # only. Doxygen will then generate output that is more tailored for C. 

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