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Tue Oct 16 03:00:35 EDT 2007

Revision: 8c43566a97228a4485773ba622f9695b325af8ae
Ancestor: e82ae16ed445d6896fec536a492fcc17bc6098e4
Author: markdoliner at
Date: 2007-10-16T06:54:55
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Use gtk_window_present() instead of gtk_widget_show() when showing the
file transfer dialog.  The causes the window to be raised if it's
below other stuff.

This function is called in two places
1. When the user clicks on Tools-->File Transfers in the buddy list.
   This is the interaction I'm trying to improve.
2. When a file transfer is added to the dialog.  It seems like a good
   idea to present the window when a file transfer is added to it...
   but there may be scenarios where this is really really annoying.
   If anyone thinks of any then feel free to revert this change

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--- pidgin/gtkft.c	2e9a12221354c627e3232be84536db4a6bd8eb69
+++ pidgin/gtkft.c	d94855703960eddebb1c4b965822f088ead1c428
@@ -912,7 +912,7 @@ pidgin_xfer_dialog_show(PidginXferDialog
 	} else {
-		gtk_widget_show(dialog->window);
+		gtk_window_present(GTK_WINDOW(dialog->window));

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