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Add the menu-binding stuff in the manpage.

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--- doc/	a5051608cf72789041ce38f42cd2ab06deb4e592
+++ doc/	faae7f0acc6bb74d67490c6235e4fe6e1924f5e2
@@ -351,6 +351,35 @@ one of \fBa-\fR, \fBalt-\fR, \fBm-\fR or
 one of \fBa-\fR, \fBalt-\fR, \fBm-\fR or \fBmeta-\fR. You can also use
 \fBhome\fR, \fBend\fR, \fBleft\fR, \fBright\fR etc. keys.
+.SH Menus
+You can also specify key-bindings to trigger specific menuitems in windows. For example, the following entry in \fI~/.gntrc\fR will bind \fBCtrl + t\fR to the 'Send IM...' item in the buddylist:
+c-t = send-im
+The following is the list of IDs of the current menuitems in the buddylist:
 .SH Mouse Support
 There is experimental mouse support. You can focus windows, activate buttons,
 select rows in a list, scroll using the wheel-scroll etc. Selecting text in a

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