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Sun Oct 28 12:56:04 EDT 2007

Revision: 022ff8d97a85c1c5ea7b66f7d6ce6c607fd12a32
Ancestor: 636dac307caade6b4c06cda5005f90ad32809b40
Author: resiak at
Date: 2007-10-28T16:51:48
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Document PurplePluginProtocolInfo.get_cb_real_name

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--- libpurple/prpl.h	14ed141daea0038d440af028e16e1095e1e6d1fa
+++ libpurple/prpl.h	70d633714a19f2b4c675f18bd9e5c3ecc85caa45
@@ -339,6 +339,15 @@ struct _PurplePluginProtocolInfo
 	void (*remove_group)(PurpleConnection *gc, PurpleGroup *group);
+	/** Gets the real name of a participant in a chat.  For example, on
+	 *  XMPP this turns a chat room nick <tt>foo</tt> into
+	 *  <tt>room at server/foo</tt>
+	 *  @param gc  the connection on which the room is.
+	 *  @param id  the ID of the chat room.
+	 *  @param who the nickname of the chat participant.
+	 *  @return    the real name of the participant.  This string must be
+	 *             freed by the caller.
+	 */
 	char *(*get_cb_real_name)(PurpleConnection *gc, int id, const char *who);
 	void (*set_chat_topic)(PurpleConnection *gc, int id, const char *topic);

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