pidgin: 595cd288: Stop restoring conversation window locat...

deryni at deryni at
Thu Apr 17 23:45:45 EDT 2008

Revision: 595cd288a660326477660b9d9251785e57aaaebe
Ancestor: bb30e9e61b14cc865cdde58cedf9e4fe6e471f79
Author: deryni at
Date: 2008-04-18T03:41:12
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Stop restoring conversation window locations on !Windows, I wasn't aware this
was still happening or I would have killed it a while ago. I left in restoring
the conversation window size (even though I think we shouldn't do that either)
because I was told we used to do that even back before we started remembering
the window location. Fixes #4832.

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--- pidgin/gtkconv.c	e925ff85825944ee4296678d75768cfb2c426fa1
+++ pidgin/gtkconv.c	4953c18e47949c952dcbeecc2fa3ef2781b5cb39
@@ -8575,7 +8575,7 @@ notebook_release_cb(GtkWidget *widget, G
 			                    &win_width, &win_height);
-#ifdef WIN32  /* only override window manager placement on Windows */
+#ifdef _WIN32  /* only override window manager placement on Windows */
 			                e->x_root - (win_width  / 2),
 			                e->y_root - (win_height / 2));
@@ -9011,7 +9011,9 @@ pidgin_conv_set_position_size(PidginWind
 			conv_y = 100;
 		/* ...and move it back. */
+#ifdef _WIN32  /* only override window manager placement on Windows */
 		gtk_window_move(GTK_WINDOW(win->window), conv_x, conv_y);
 		gtk_window_resize(GTK_WINDOW(win->window), conv_width, conv_height);
@@ -9046,7 +9048,13 @@ pidgin_conv_window_new()
 	if (!gtk_get_current_event_state(&state))
 		gtk_window_set_focus_on_map(GTK_WINDOW(win->window), FALSE);
+	/* Etan: I really think this entire function call should happen only
+	 * when we are on Windows but I was informed that back before we used
+	 * to save the window position we stored the window size, so I'm
+	 * leaving it for now. */
+#if TRUE || defined(_WIN32)
 	if (available_list == NULL) {

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