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Thu Aug 14 19:11:21 EDT 2008

Revision: d36d5715caaa1d97f16a786c8cab3c8cdb66ceff
Ancestor: ad677f4ab3dcd31d42fe39edbb9e9207dcf93df6
Author: wehlhard at
Date: 2008-08-14T23:05:53
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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Add notice in ChangeLog about NSS support

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--- ChangeLog	c02fa0b99f7e6397ab2a857b4bb57744fb6abf2c
+++ ChangeLog	c7d05cbe88dfdd6cc6870887654e1d29a916b585
@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@ version 2.5.0 (??/??/2008):
 	  to specify a system-wide SSL CA certificates directory.  When set,
 	  we don't install our SSL CA certs, so it's important that the
 	  libpurple package depend on the CA certificates.
+	* Add SSL Certificates support to the NSS SSL plugin. (Thanks to Lou
+	  Cipher)
 	* Fix a bug that caused the UI to not refresh and caused the client

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