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Sun Aug 17 07:16:29 EDT 2008

Revision: a0cac1fbb89605cef4680f9b8e61b73d701d360c
Ancestor: 41c72eace6770646db0a457b15c1481e494b51ea
Author: resiak at
Date: 2008-08-17T11:10:39
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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Correct documentation about list account options to reflect what the key and
value of the PurpleKeyValuePair actually represent (based on what Pidgin does
with them).  (Since the only protocol to use them, silc, uses the same string
for the key and the value, no harm came of me having written incorrect
documentation last time.)

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--- libpurple/accountopt.h	c7804e84988c045cd120a7b5d9aee22e02f3b5d0
+++ libpurple/accountopt.h	2761d8a1eb1e58b7fcf0bdf4e697c1e8380f885c
@@ -139,8 +139,10 @@ PurpleAccountOption *purple_account_opti
  * The list passed will be owned by the account option, and the
  * strings inside will be freed automatically.
- * The list is a list of PurpleKeyValuePair items. The key is the ID stored and
- * used internally, and the <tt>(const char *)</tt> value is the label displayed.
+ * The list is a list of #PurpleKeyValuePair items. The key is the label that
+ * should be displayed to the user, and the <tt>(const char *)</tt> value is
+ * the internal ID that should be passed to purple_account_set_string() to
+ * choose that value.
  * @param text      The text of the option.
  * @param pref_name The account preference name for the option.
@@ -304,7 +306,10 @@ purple_account_option_get_masked(const P
  * @param option The account option.
- * @constreturn The list values.
+ * @constreturn A list of #PurpleKeyValuePair, mapping the human-readable
+ *              description of the value to the <tt>(const char *)</tt> that
+ *              should be passed to purple_account_set_string() to set the
+ *              option.
 GList *purple_account_option_get_list(const PurpleAccountOption *option);

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