pidgin: 038d9d36: It's not "Accounts->Add/Edit" any more, ..

rlaager at rlaager at
Wed Aug 20 17:27:39 EDT 2008

Revision: 038d9d36d640ed83f9df5333d57dc0cd8b9ae847
Ancestor: 303f54531000a45e354b49a4b13d135e551092ed
Author: rlaager at
Date: 2008-08-20T21:20:03
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


It's not "Accounts->Add/Edit" any more, it's now "Accounts->Manage Accounts".

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--- pidgin/gtkaccount.c	8caa4630fc4d3a0b432393c8955edb27408a2931
+++ pidgin/gtkaccount.c	44b6593e16b37472245bce7903eef3a6b119f33c
@@ -2159,7 +2159,7 @@ create_accounts_list(AccountsWindow *dia
 						 "press <b>Add</b> again to configure them all.\n\n"
 						 "You can come back to this window to add, edit, or remove "
-						 "accounts from <b>Accounts->Add/Edit</b> in the Buddy "
+						 "accounts from <b>Accounts->Manage Accounts</b> in the Buddy "
 						 "List window"), PIDGIN_NAME, PIDGIN_NAME, PIDGIN_NAME);
 	pretty = pidgin_make_pretty_arrows(tmp);

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