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Sun Aug 24 22:50:31 EDT 2008

Revision: cf8db23d7b42aecd4fb9381a9b99115c6c898feb
Ancestor: 2798b5d30a8c2d29601e600fd6d9d710fd33635c
Author: elb at
Date: 2008-08-25T02:46:51
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Add release-time candy 'make release' and 'make packages' to the Makefile.

make release will run a distcheck followed by building packages.  make
packages will build a .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, and src.rpm, and sign all
three with your default gpg key.  The failure of gpg will abort the

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---	df2938d598bcdf3cc4556667c5c52f1edf46957a
+++	94f0e56942107e9dceb32123ee58e8d6a7f7ed0f
@@ -30,6 +30,15 @@ distcheck-hook: libpurple/plugins/perl/c
 distcheck-hook: libpurple/plugins/perl/common/ pidgin/plugins/perl/common/
 #	cp libpurple/plugins/perl/common/ $(distdir)/libpurple/plugins/perl/common
+release: distcheck packages
+packages: dist-gzip dist-bzip2
+	gpg -ab pidgin-$(PACKAGE_VERSION).tar.gz
+	gpg -ab pidgin-$(PACKAGE_VERSION).tar.bz2
+	gpg --verify pidgin-$(PACKAGE_VERSION).tar.gz.asc pidgin-$(PACKAGE_VERSION).tar.gz
+	gpg --verify pidgin-$(PACKAGE_VERSION).tar.bz2.asc pidgin-$(PACKAGE_VERSION).tar.bz2
+	rpmbuild -ts --sign --with avahi --with dbus --with meanwhile --with sasl --with silc --with tcl pidgin-$(PACKAGE_VERSION).tar.bz2
 appsdir = $(datadir)/applications
 apps_in_files =

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