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Sun Dec 14 21:50:44 EST 2008

Revision: f15af3ccd3ef73a41e49e9ed402e23b47801cc67
Ancestor: a334d9994b5b7c19385d84e3c7d1bbb4079862a1
Author: khc at
Date: 2008-12-15T02:46:20
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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some other updates

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--- ChangeLog	aeaf09c3e9973333b01193cb1b2adc531cf3be44
+++ ChangeLog	bba479d8316f7306214f66f874bc9a77ae005b05
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM
 Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul
-version 2.5.3 (??/??/????):
+version 2.5.3 (12/??/2008):
 	* Corrected maximum message lengths for Yahoo!
 	* The Buddy State Notification plugin no longer prints duplicate
@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ version 2.5.3 (??/??/????):
 	* On ICQ, advertise the ICQ 6 typing capability.  This should fix the
 	  reports of typing notifications not working with third-party clients
 	  (Jarom?r Karmaz?n)
+	* Many QQ fixes and improvements, including the ability to connect
+	  using QQ2008 protocol and sending/receiving of long messages.
 	* Fix some problems with Gadu-Gadu buddy icons (Adam Strzelecki)
@@ -38,6 +40,7 @@ version 2.5.3 (??/??/????):
 	  album, if possible.
 	* Messages sent from a mobile device while you were offline are now
 	  correctly received.
+	* Many other fixes and code cleanup.
 	* Fix the namespace URL we look for in PEP reply stanzas to match the URL

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