pidgin: c1562449: I believe the patch from #220 actually i...

nosnilmot at nosnilmot at
Thu Dec 18 20:55:33 EST 2008

Revision: c156244970ba750784155b6bae31df621c20af02
Ancestor: 7f5d12c48124b91d3a5402743f06e903fb7f00ed
Author: nosnilmot at
Date: 2008-12-19T01:52:39
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


I believe the patch from #220 actually implemented IM images for Gadu-Gadu,
not something to do with Buddy Icons.
References #220

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--- ChangeLog	fbe12dc5daf3f1d7ba399d67d79f343dd704392d
+++ ChangeLog	69cd41863f2ded9bfec791030b4e2566beeca2a7
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ version 2.5.3 (12/18/2008):
 	* Fix a crash caused by authorization requests. (Florian Qu?ze)
-	* Fix some problems with Gadu-Gadu buddy icons. (Adam Strzelecki)
+	* Add support for IM images. (Adam Strzelecki)
 	* Gadu-Gadu now checks that UID's are valid. (Adam Strzelecki)
 	* Gadu-Gadu now does proper charset translations where needed. (Adam

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