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Sun Feb 24 13:35:58 EST 2008

Revision: 74acb668a62f5239d2e322a212e4d9f1302c035a
Ancestor: 6f5a3819f07a67107a955eec86835f1b5cfd9288
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Date: 2008-02-24T18:30:40
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        COPYRIGHT ChangeLog


Give credit where it's due for Gideon N. Guillen's Yahoo patch.

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--- COPYRIGHT	bb280abfc40a26ee0492590e7aac3d94c443dff8
+++ COPYRIGHT	3b21b6209dfbeb447b2be83dc183e192910b9bf7
@@ -154,6 +154,7 @@ David Grohmann
 Konrad Gräfe
 Miah Gregory
 David Grohmann
+Gideon N. Guillen
 Christian Hammond
 Erick Hamness
 Fred Hampton
--- ChangeLog	e2529f578450cf7904c9e1274758885d0ac35766
+++ ChangeLog	b355be742e1b2e65ff4cd6ba202a809f664eae8c
@@ -10,12 +10,15 @@ version 2.4.0 (??/??/????):
 	* Partial support for viewing ICQ status notes (Collin from
 	  ComBOTS GmbH).
 	* Support for /notice on IRC.
-	* Support for Yahoo Messenger 7.0+ file transfer method (Thanumalayan S.)
+	* Support for Yahoo! Messenger 7.0+ file transfer method (Thanumalayan S.)
 	* Support for retrieving full names and addresses from the address book
 	  on Yahoo! Japan (Yusuke Odate)
 	* The AIM/ICQ server-side preference for "allow others to see me
 	  as idle" is no longer unconditionally set to "yes" even when
 	  your libpurple preference is "no."
+	* Fixed retrieval of buddy icons and setting of server-side aliases on
+	  Yahoo! and Yahoo! Japan when using an HTTP proxy server (Gideon N.
+	  Guillen)
 	* Added the ability to theme conversation name colors (red and blue)

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