im.pidgin.pidgin: d50f362e369f486aaf9a95a0d79ec0632743f07d

evands at evands at
Sun Jan 6 19:45:38 EST 2008

Revision: d50f362e369f486aaf9a95a0d79ec0632743f07d
Ancestor: db834f1393369626f9e8c29b2ed9679ed8999f35
Author: evands at
Date: 2008-01-07T00:32:26
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


If the cached buddy icon can't be loaded, delete the preferences which point to it. Among other things, this fixes OSCAR buddy icon retrieval when the cache has been removed - since previously the icon hash was kept around and was used to determine that (so far as the prpl could tell) no icon retrieval was needed, libpurple would never have an icon for the contact.

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--- libpurple/buddyicon.c	c64b638fdf5b46bbf966d9281be23b0c2187ddf9
+++ libpurple/buddyicon.c	14e723c1b5d29a8f6618264100a9062826763a3c
@@ -614,6 +614,10 @@ purple_buddy_icons_find(PurpleAccount *a
 				checksum = purple_blist_node_get_string((PurpleBlistNode*)b, "icon_checksum");
 				purple_buddy_icon_set_data(icon, data, len, checksum);
+			else
+			{
+				delete_buddy_icon_settings((PurpleBlistNode*)b, "buddy_icon");
+			}

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