pidgin: 53293722: Add Dimmuxx's real name to ChangeLog and...

qulogic at qulogic at
Mon Jul 14 00:41:17 EDT 2008

Revision: 532937221446ba2643f5101c22ae58abc83fa1be
Ancestor: e56d7c10f8cc1dc7085e856b4028be46df81d9bd
Author: qulogic at
Date: 2008-07-13T22:51:47
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:
        COPYRIGHT ChangeLog


Add Dimmuxx's real name to ChangeLog and COPYRIGHT. Also, put my name 
in correct order.

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--- COPYRIGHT	6cb045cac3306bb2d1d4b600a7482996c66a5fc5
+++ COPYRIGHT	7e76de73942ae5d331dff1899438f5eb1c8d9234
@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ Matt Amato
 Dave Ahlswede
 Manuel Amador
 Matt Amato
-Elliott Sales de Andrade
 Geoffrey Antos
 Daniel Atallah
 Paul Aurich
@@ -228,6 +227,7 @@ Josh Littlefield
 Wesley Lin
 Artem Litvinovich
 Josh Littlefield
+Daniel Ljungborg
 Syd Logan
 Norberto Lopes
@@ -338,6 +338,7 @@ Thanumalayan S.
 Michael Ruprecht
 Sam S.
 Thanumalayan S.
+Elliott Sales de Andrade
 Tomasz Sałaciński <tsalacinski at>
 Pradyumna Sampath
 Arvind Samptur
--- ChangeLog	5cf080e46432e4fb8c2c39adb0d57d4c6a3eec97
+++ ChangeLog	d5474df1882a1143bf334995a57937068532f10b
@@ -12,7 +12,8 @@ version 2.5.0 (??/??/2008):
 	* Update MSN support to protocol 15 (Elliott Sales de Andrade, Jorge
-	  Villaseñor, Mike Ruprecht, Carlos Silva, Ma Yuan, Dimmuxx and others)
+	  Villaseñor, Mike Ruprecht, Carlos Silva, Ma Yuan, Daniel Ljungborg
+	  and others)
 	* Personal messages are now supported. They are treated as status
 	* Offline IM is now supported.

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